Album release party (18.11.2016) @ Streetbar 95, Turku

Corona Skies julkaisee debyyttialbumin ”Fragments Of Reality” perjantaina 18. marraskuuta. Tervetuloa juhlimaan sitä kanssamme Streetbar 95:een! Samalla laitetaan pitkäksi venyneelle keikkatauolle piste, luvassa täyslaidallinen uusia Corona-biisejä ja wanhoja klassikoita :)

Illan avaa Gladenfold, soitto raikaa klo 22.30 alkaen.
Sisään: 6€ (sis. narikan)
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Nähdään Streetbarissa!

-Coronan jätkät

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Fragments Of Reality - out on 18.11.2016!

Album cover art, release dates and track list revealed!

The official release date for our debut album “Fragments Of Reality” has been set on 18th of November 2016. Our fellows at Mighty Music take care of the worldwide release of the album, except in Japan where Bickee Music will release the album on 23.11.2016. Both CD and digital formats will be available.

Pre-order your copy here:

Track list:
1 - Rite Of Passage
2 - Big Boys’ Blues
3 - The Social Network
4 - Falling Sky
5 - Delirium Disco
6 - Business Suits You
7 - Summer Bum
8 - The Sea Of My Mediocrity
9 - Only The Gods Are Lonely

Panu Aho shares his thoughts about the album cover:

“As far as I know it’s basically about the concept of time. We grow up and have to leave our childhood behind and face the real world with all the troubles. But somewhere deep there is still the inner child, who is always ready to play with his favorite toys. Reaching for the easiness of the past but with knowledge of the future and the burden of being a responsible adult...”

Matias Knuuttila adds:

“Big thanks to who patiently worked with us and managed to transform our abstract ideas and visions into this beautiful work of art.”

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Our debut album is ready to be released!

It’s done! We’re extremely happy to announce that Corona Skies has finished the debut album recordings! The album titled “Fragments Of Reality” will be released worldwide on November 2016 via Mighty Music. The first single off the album will be released in coming weeks so stay tuned!


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