It's time to mix!

On January 2nd, Petu nailed the first drum tracks for this album. 9 months later, we have more than 1500 tracks recorded... and now we have to mix them. Check out the Studio Vlog here!

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Corona enters the studio!

Year 2015 will start with a BANG! Corona Skies starts recording the full-length debut album in the beginning of January.

Listening the pre-production demos together with maestro Lukala








We just listened the pre-production demos together with maestro Lukala, who in charge of making this album sound as good as we can. The demos sound really promising, however we are going to improve some arrangements and parts of the songs as many good ideas came up during the listening session. It feels like we are running out of time, on the other hand the pre-production of new songs has been ongoing way too long already =). So... there's only one option: RECORD IT NOW!

-Corona Crew 

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Next stop: Portti 16.5.2014

Okay, this year Turku Bandstand wasn't a big success for us but at least we gave a shot!  =)

The next chance to hear the old and new Corona classic tunes is at Portti, Turku on the 16th of May. We will be celebrating the release of Gladenfold's debut album "From Dusk To Eternity" together with Kaarnekorpi. The album is already up in Spotify, iTunes etc. it's worth checking out for sure! Join the Facebook-event here.

By the way, there has been some line-up changes in Gladenfold camp recently so show up and you might even notice a familiar face taking care of guitar-shredding duties of Gladenfold =)

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