No news is good news?

It's been quite a while since we have posted some news here. The reason for this is obvious, not much has happened since last spring, at least nothing really special worth to be mentioned. However, at this point, we have some news for you....

The debut album of CORONA SKIES is in progress!

At the moment we are somewhere in the middle of pre-production, rehearsing new songs, arranging melodies and rhythm patterns, demoing fresh ideas, all that stuff one has to go through before entering the studio. It's actually really time-consuming process, especially now when the time is what we are lacking the most =)

Anyway, there are lot of things to be done. Our plan is to get all the pre-production related stuff ready within next 6 months and after that start recording the album. When and where, it's still under consideration. We will let you know.

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Waiting for the summer to come...

We are done for gigging for awhile. Three gigs within two weeks, that's definitely too much for us =) Thanks to everyone who was there to see us.

Here we have a live clip recorded back in February at Streetbar 95. Titled as "Falling Sky", a perfect closure for our set, is written by our frontman. 

-19.4. Seurahuone, Huittinen w/ Like Tomorrow
-27.4. Haarikka, Aura w/ Like Tomorrow
-1.5. TYYlikäs Wappupiknik, Vartiovuorenmäki, Turku

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Our hibernation has ended!

It's about time!

Corona Skies will wake up from hibernation and play the first show since last summer on Saturday 9.2 at Street Bar 95, Turku. We are accomppanied by fellow melodic-metallers Like Tomorrow. Don't miss this event, especially when the tickets are only 4€ this time. We promise to play at least one new song for you. Remember to join the Facebook-event.

We expect to see many of you there!

-Corona Boyz

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Gallery up and running!

Finally we managed to create Gallery-section with photos from past years. There are some live pictures from recent and ancient gigs, some studio session stuff etc.  More photos are on their way there but first we need to track them down =)

Anyway we try to keep it up-to-date. Enjoy!

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All Quiet on the Western Front?

During late summer and autumn, there's been lot of things happening in our private lifes. Due to overlapping schedules and other realities, we haven't been able to rehearse and play any gigs. Meanwhile, our focus has been and still is on working with new material. We have many new songs already composed and the next step is to take them to our rehearsal place and beat the shit out of them to get some killer live tunes for you. It goes without saying that these songs will be featured in next Corona Skies release. However, the pre-production will take its toll before we are ready to hit the studio sooner or later next year. We will keep you up-to-date what's going on when there's something more to be informed.

Anyhow, I'm personally more than excited of all the new stuff we have for our next record. These tunes nail the essence of our style but nevertheless they sound fresh enough to take us on a new level. To make a long story short, it will be worth the wait and all the efforts ahead.  

- Matias / Corona Crew

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